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Rapid Absorb Protein Supplement

Frog Performance (Fp) develops, manufactures and distributes clinically proven supplements that are currently sold in medical facilities and retailers in 6 countries. Fp products are marketed under two brands. FrogFuel is the Sports, Active Nutrition and Human Performance brand name, and Transcend Sciences is the Health, Medical and Adult Nutrition brand name. Fp products are backed by clinical studies, proven by science, and used by world-class athletes, healthcare professionals and consumers.


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Offering Terms

Offering Type: Equity - Preferred

Max Raise: $3,000,000

Min Raise: $1,000,000

Start Date: Aug 29, 2016

End Date: Feb 28, 2017

Min Investment: $50,000

Security Price: $1.00



Two highly competitive Navy SEAL’s who were avid consumers of the best supplements in the market founded Frog Performance in 2014. After years of taking multiple supplements, they realized the market ignored a number of problems preventing athletes from operating at peak performance.

• The first problem was product efficacy, or how quickly the body can convert a supplement into a usable form. FrogFuel products are formulated to a molecular size of 2-5000 daltons, whereas the best hydrolyzed whey products on the market are manufactured at 18,000 daltons (1).

• The second is digestibility, or how efficiently the protein is used by the body. Most other supplements require many hours for digestion, so after 15 minutes, only 30% of the protein is absorbed (2). FrogFuel was proven through paid independent testing to have 100% digestibility in less than 15 minutes (2).

• The last, but most significant problem, is that existing supplements ignore the body and concentrate on the muscles,  leading to increased injuries and downtime. In addition to building lean muscle mass, FrogFuel supports the body’s connective tissue, bones, blood vessels, skin, nails, hair, and eyes.

Additionally, the founders wanted a product with a true clinical background. Fp products are designed for and used in the medical industry.  Much of the supplement industry makes product claims that are substantiated only by blind or paid studies.  Fp wanted to develop a product that is actually used for treatment.  Fp products are used in over 3000 medical facilities internationally.

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2)  KSU Study: View Here

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